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Afterschool Program
Starting at $615/month Including all enrichment class 
More part-time schedules available
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Chinese Class

Our bilingual after-school program includes a daily Chinese class conducted using American Chinese (美洲华语) as the language of instruction. We supplement the curriculum with additional materials that align with Chinese language education in China.

For students with no prior Chinese language knowledge, our program aims to help them acquire a foundation in Chinese within three months. Through focused learning, students can expect to grasp around 100 basic Chinese characters (基本生字).

Math Class

We incorporate the Singapore Math curriculum for mathematics instruction. We provide additional supplementary materials tailored to each student's individual level and offer one-on-one tutoring support.


Homework tutor

We actively supervise and support children in completing their homework assignments. Our primary focus is to provide guidance and answer any questions or doubts they may have.


Science  & Art

We offer an engaging Science and Art class that combines the wonders of scientific exploration with the creativity of artistic expression. 


English reading

We use the  Reading A-Z  as our primary resource for English language learning.  Tailoring reading material to each individual's level, combining printed books with an app. 



We provide school bus transportation services.


School Director
Charlotte Zhao

My name is Alexa Young

Since joining IL in 2016, Teacher Zhao brings with them a wealth of classroom teaching experience and strong school management skills. Teacher Zhao has also successfully completed ECE teacher training courses. Their classrooms are known for being relaxed, enjoyable, and enriched with various art-related courses.

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